In a guest column last week in the Detroit Free Press, Kalamazoo Representative Jon Hoadley implored everyone for a practical discussion about gun violence, this after his community was thrust into the random-shooting-national-spotlight.

"We are ready for a common-sense approach to reducing gun violence," Hoadley wrote.

He also cites a number of proposals in Lansing which can be addressed now to tie up some loose ends on the books now. He writes:

"Fortunately, many of these measures have already been introduced to the Michigan Legislature. They include:

  • House Bills 4261-2, which would close the “open carry” loophole in state law to prohibit the open carry of firearms on the premises of schools, hospitals, day care centers, libraries and other sensitive public places. 
  • HBs 4590, 4591 and 4592, which would close the private sale loophole to require universal background checks in Michigan. 
  • HBs 4942-3, which would create a Gun Violence Restraining Order allowing for the removal of firearms from those whom are identified as someone clearly troubled and susceptible of doing harm to themselves and/or others. 
  • HBs 4944-5, which would allow schools, hospitals, day care centers, places of worship and other such places to prohibit the open carry of firearms on their property."

Hear Hoadley expand on those thoughts after his latest visit to WBCK. Click on the player below.

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