Those who attend Kellogg Community College and have late fees for overdue library items have a chance to reduce or erase that debt by donating food non perishable foods.

KCC's Morris Library "Food for Fines" initiative will run from Tuesday, October 15, through Wednesday, November 27. The library is centrally located on KCC's campus at 450 North Ave. in Battle Creek.

Donations of nonperishable food items to the library will erase overdue fees of various amounts depending on the type of donation. Single-serving items will clear 50 cents per item. Examples include instant oatmeal, cups of noodles, granola bars, miniature cereal boxes, fruit cups, applesauce cups and more. These will be donated to the KCC Foundation's Bruin Basket initiative, which consists of "snack pantries" at four campus locations that are fully stocked with healthy snacks, free for the taking by students in need.

Donations of food items containing more than one serving will clear $1 worth of overdue fees per item. Examples include boxed meals, soup and other canned foods, peanut butter, pasta, rice, dried beans and other food items. These items will be donated to the Food Bank of South Central Michigan.

Donations that equal $10 according to the above guidelines will clear all overdue fines from an account. Individuals who don't have library fines are also encouraged to donate.

For more information about the Morris Library's Food for Fines initiative, visit

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