KCC Political Science Professor Jon Williams was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins to talk about Michigan Politics, the Ballot Proposals, the "Spoils System", and how KCC Students view politics.   Check out the video.  

Michigan voters will consider three ballot proposals on November 6th.   Activists gathered enough signatures to get three others on the ballot, but the Republican legislature headed those off at the pass.   That's where the spoils system comes in.  The party in power (Republican) decided that some of the proposals might draw opposition voters to the polls, so they dealt with them at the legislative level as a preemptive move.  These are the proposals that didn't make it to the ballot:

PROTECTING MICHIGAN TAXPAYERS: Would have repealed the Prevailing
Wages and Fringe Benefits Act.   Lawmakers simply gave that proposal the green light now.

MICHIGAN ONE FAIR WAGE: Would have gradually increased the hourly
minimum wage from $10.00 in 2019 to $12.00 in 2022. Lawmakers gave that one a yellow light, as they could still tweak the particulars later.

MI TIME TO CARE: Would  have required employers to provide sick leave for
personal or family health reasons, subject to certain conditions. More or less another yellow.

Williams noted that political machines on both sides weigh lots of factors and look at data to decide how much of an impact a ballot issue might have on who comes out to vote.  He also speculated that some voters might just be mad at not having the chance to vote on the issues.

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