Kalamazoo authorities are investigating reports of a suspicious man approaching children the past week and a half.

WWMT reports that the latest incident occurred Wednesday, December 7, where a young boy was approached by a red pickup truck in the Winchell area around 6:40am. The man inside asked the boy if he wanted a ride, causing the boy to run off.

A similar incident happened November 30, where a young girl was approached by a red pickup truck and asked the same question, in the 2000 block of Oakland Dr. The girl said no, and the truck drove off.

The driver of the car is described as a Hispanic or light-skinned black man, around 50-years-old with a beard. The pickup truck in both incidents had rust on the front wheel well, new wheels, and a lion mural on the back window.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety says that they are increasing patrols around bus stops during pickup and drop-off times, and they ask that citizens stay on the lookout for suspicious behavior.