You can now keep up on which Battle Creek city streets have been plowed by using a new web service offered by the City of Battle Creek. It’s called SnowPaths, a mapping system that connects to GPS units that are installed on city plow trucks.

The color-coded map shows when streets were last plowed in four to eight-hour increments. When viewing the map you can view streets that were plowed less than four hours ago, four to eight hours ago, eight to 16 hours ago, 16-24 hours ago, 24-30 hours ago, and more than 30 hours ago. By using this feature, you can keep up on the progression of plowing throughout the city, but it doesn’t reveal “real-time” plowing.

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There is also a Priority Tab that you can click showing the priority of city streets to be plowed. So far this feature is still under construction, however, the current high priority streets are:

  • State roads (like Columbia Avenue, Helmer Road, Bedford Road, Michigan Avenue) and major city roads (Hill Brady, Capital Avenue SW, Emmett Street). Even if plows have moved on from these during snow, they might have to cycle back.
  • Battle Creek Transit routes and the streets directly around local schools. Plow trucks can’t always get to the schools, but they do their best. The City does not prioritize school bus routes.
  • Residential/local/neighborhood streets
  • Alleys and cul-de-sacs, using smaller pickup trucks; boulevard cross areas.

The App can be accessed from the City of Battle Creek website, and if you have any questions you can reach a Field Services team at the Department of Public Works by calling 269-966-3507 or emailing

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