No restaurant in Kalamazoo history has had as many ups and downs in as short a time span as Kelvin and Co. And that roller coaster ride came to an end on Sunday afternoon. A sign on the door said the store was closing early on Sunday, but a Facebook post at about the same time indicates that the closing is permanent.

"It’s time for us to say goodbye. Kelvin & Co has ran it course, the stars have aligned and we are ready for a new direction in life." - Kelvin and Company on Facebook.

If there is one bright in this news, it's that the owners, Mark and Kassidy, made sure the staff had jobs. But even with that, the common words in the comments section of the post is "sad".

The sign indicates the store closed early today, but a Facebook post indicates Kelvin and Company at 5167 West Main in Kalamazoo closed its doors permanently on Sunday (June 13th, 2021) (Photo: Dave Benson, TSM)

When Kelvin and Co. opened in downtown Kalamazoo, soon after a water leak shut them down for a period of time. But they reopened only to face construction from the Exchange Building causing traffic headaches, which led to the move to West Main. A second location opened in Portage, and then a walk-up site on the Kalamazoo Mall followed. And following that, a location in Portage.

In the post, they say, "Please do not feel sad for us! This was inevitable in today’s market...We feel like we can breathe for the first time in a year & we are positive about our new direction in life. We have our health, we have our family, and we have our friends."

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One of the questions from customers reacting on Facebook was about gift certificates. The reply was "If an unused gift card is an issue please contact us directly for a refund.:

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