The Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Service Inc. are a non-profit group here in Kalamazoo that help low and moderate income households achieve home-ownership. Today, they're going live on Facebook on Tuesday, April 21st at 4:30 to help those who may be struggling to pay their mortgage during this difficult time. The company provides loans, coaching, education, development services, and foreclosure prevention. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save your first home, or a renter looking to repair your credit, this may be an important video to take part in, as discussed on their Facebook post:

"With the Covid-19 Pandemic homeowners are facing challenges paying their mortgage. Are you unsure what to do next? Who to ask for help? KNHS is here to help! Executive Director, Matt Lager, Foreclosure Counselor Dan Drake and Home Ownership Center Director, Sonja Roseman will be live tomorrow with PMN host Matt Halloran to give you practical advice on how to keep your home, the scams to avoid, and how KNHS can help you. KNHS is here to help you Kalamazoo!"

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