Whether its for a date night, family night fun, or even just a fun night out with friends, finding something that's entertaining but not played out is sometimes hard to do in the state of Michigan. Yes, were blessed with the Great Lakes and the rest of the nature, but what about those that like indoor activities and the dreaded winter months? The city of Taylor, Michigan has answered that question for all of us and has provided a masterpiece.

We know of places like Craig's cruisers, Dave and busters, chuck e cheese, and countless other bowling alleys or entertainment palaces that offer an abundance of different pass times to indulge in, well this new place is like combining all of those and then giving it steroids. Obviously, there are some things that aren't exactly the same, but they are replaced with trending past times.

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Some of the newest attractions have garnered a lot of interest, causing for many business owners to buy in to stay competitive. Lucky for consumers, this means that the opportunity to do these cool activities is a focal point and is becoming more common. There's a new entertainment baby in the state and it's making its claim to be one of the best there are to offer. The KUDOS Taproom and Fieldhouse has the entire state of Michigan talking.

Taylor Michigan has become one of the biggest tourist attractions on the east side of the state if that wasn't already the case. With the opening of the KUDOS Taproom and Fieldhouse the city is seeing more visitors and a rise in revenue. KUDOS has Football bowling, Cornhole, Axe Throwing, An arcade, picnic/lounging area, and many other attractions to keep your entire family occupied.

They even have deals where you can choose one specific activity for a period of time, you may choose to pay $25 bucks and have unlimited Cornhole, Axe Throwing, and Football bowling for your time there that day, and of course they have party packages as well. The packages include reserved time slots and lanes for multiple attractions, food and drink packages that you can choose from, arcade time, and even a section in the picnic/lounge area. KUDOS Taproom and Fieldhouse is a one stop shop for all things fun!

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