I have been informing all of you for some time now about this very mysterious payout to the former Lansing City Attorney Janene McIntyre and her missing contract.

The usually very talkative Lansing mayor Virg Bernero has been oddly silent about his payout to Ms. McIntyre. When the Lansing City Council attempted to find out the details about this mysterious payout and missing contract Mayor Bernero would not even show up to the council meeting, he sent his assistant.

What is going on in Lansing?

The Lansing State Journal is now reporting that the City Council, two weeks after the meeting in which mayor Bernero refused to show up, still can not find the missing contract and Mayor Bernero has not supplied it to them.

Again what is going on in Lansing?

In fact the LSJ stated the following in their article:

The LSJ's efforts to find a signed copy of McIntyre's 2015 contract amendment also have been unsuccessful so far. Attempts to reach Riley, McIntyre, Bernero and Randy Hannan, Bernero's executive assistant, were unsuccessful. Attorney Jamie White, who negotiated McIntyre's separation agreement with the city, wrote Thursday afternoon in a text message that McIntyre had declined comment on whether the 2015 contract extension was signed or not. The Lansing State Journal has filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking a signed copy of the amendment.

Something is amiss in Lansing and why is the City Council and the Lansing State Journal the only official people and media covering it?

Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and Mlive where are you?

Kudo's to the City Council for keeping the pressure on the mayor and the Lansing State Journal for continuing to cover the mystery.

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