Did you know that one of the largest and most famous used bookstores in the world lives in Michigan?

I stumbled upon a couple of TikTok videos last night featuring the John K. King Used and Rare Bookstore.  I had to know more.  What I found blew my mind.  In 2015 CNN named this place one of the "World's Coolest Bookstores."  The CNN article sites the fact that King's Bookstore has more than a million books in 900 categories as the reason why.  That by itself is quite an honor.

Bustle published a story detailing the 12 biggest bookshops in the world back in 2017.  John K. King Used and Rare Books in Detroit was the 4th largest in the world (3rd largest in the U.S.) according to their article.  Bustle points out one of the most surprising things about this bookstore, it doesn't have a computer system.  The floor managers apparently have a vast knowledge of the over one million books in this gigantic former glove factory.

Take a tour through this amazing bookstore in the tiktok videos below.

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John K. King, who had opened his first bookstore in Dearborn in 1971 ended up purchasing this four-story abandoned factory in 1983 according to johnkingbooksdetroit.com.  ...and the rest was history.  Speaking of history, the history behind the building that now contains this bookstore as well as the history of John K. King himself is extraordinary.

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