Over 1,500 General Motors and Ford temporary workers were given either a late 2019 Christmas gift or an early 2020 Christmas, birthday and valentine gift.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting about a meeting last Sunday at a local UAW hall in Flint Michigan.  Approximately 250 part-time temporary workers at GM's Flint Assembly where in attendance and were wondering what was going on.

The local’s President walked up to a microphone and his message was described by one of those in attendance, Adarrey "Ace" Humphrey, as:

He said, 'As of tomorrow, you guys are full-time seniority employees of GM…There was a gasp in the room for a few seconds. Some of us thought he misspoke. Then, we had to say, 'No, we heard him right!' It was amazing.

On Monday, GM officially made approximately 930 of their temporary workers permanent full-time employees at 30 of its 52 UAW facilities in the United States.  Ford Motor Company also moved 592 of their temporary workers to permanent full-time.

What does that mean for those former temporary workers, well increased job security and new wages of anywhere from $21 to $24 an hour.

I am sure many of these former temporary workers felt this was like Christmas, New Years and their birthday all rolled up into one Sunday morning.

Congratulations to all of you!

I guess they can all be thankful for President Trump and the Republican’s economy.  They can show that thanks with a vote this fall, will that happen we will never know.

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