Telling her it would not be hung in the new facility, the wife of the late Detective Lavern Brann was asked to come pick up a painting dedicated to her husband.

A member of Emmett Township Department of Public safety is calling out shameful behavior by Battle Creek Police Department. Victor Pierce rose to the rank of Sargent with BCPD and was on the force when Detective Lavern Brann was killed in 2005. Pierce also took part in a solemn ceremony marking the tragic 10-year anniversary of Brann's slaying. He is not happy a portrait dedicated to the fallen hero is not being moved to BCPD's new facility.

In August of 2018, the entire department moved into a brand new facility at 34 N. Division street, in Battle Creek, near its 50 year old former headquarters. It was reported that the halls are lined with photos and plaques to honor and remember those who have served the department in years past, but one notable portrait is missing- that of Lavern Brann. In a YouTube video posted 11/26/18, Pierce notes "when the new police station was built, the portrait was not in the plans and was given to his wife. This video provides a first hand look at the portrait and the message behind it. It reminds each of us, that Freedom so often comes at a price..... "


Inside sources say Melanie Brann was asked to pick up the portrait so that it was not misplaced during the move and that the department is working on a new plaque and monuments for fallen officers to be displayed at the new facility.

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