Would you ever believe that a child would cry while visiting Santa Claus because of something he said?  Well, believe it now due to our political correctness world we live in these days.

In Norridge, Illinois a mother took her young son to visit Santa at a mall named Harlem Irving Plaza.  She, unfortunately, took her son to visit the mean PC Santa and that did not turn out well for the young boy.  

When it was the boy's turn to visit Santa, socially distancing from across a table instead of face to face of course, the young boy asked for what many young boys ask for at Christmas, that was a toy gun.  In fact, it was specifically a Nerf gun that he asked for.  No harm no foul you would think.

Well, this Santa wanted none of that, in response to the young boy's request he immediately responded with:

“nope, no guns.”

The mother thought perhaps PC Santa did not hear her son's request so she also told PC Santa that it was “a Nerf Gun” that he wanted.  PC Santa heard exactly what the boy said and replied once again to his mother:

“Nope, not even a Nerf gun. Nope. If your dad wants to get it for you that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you. What else would you like?”

Do you think PC Santa actually thought he was the real Santa and he actually delivered toys to all of the children of the world?  Perhaps like Joe Biden who really believes 80 million people actually voted for him for President.  By the way, does anyone really believe that Biden actually believes he received more than 15 million more votes than Obama did in 2012?  

The boy became pretty upset and started to cry uncontrollably. 

No worries PC Santa asked him if instead of a Nerf Gun, that in no way he would give him, how about some Legos, cars, trucks or some other toy.  Interesting that he was PC enough to deny him a Nerf Gun but was not PC enough to block his inner sexist ways and offered the boy other typical boy toys.  Why didn't he offer him a Barbie, Easy-Bake Oven or an American Girl Doll?  Wait I know why he did not offer the boy an American Girl Doll because it is American, how silly it was for me to forget that.

The boy was just sobbing uncontrollably to the point that his mother could not even console him.  The mother did reach down to hug the boy and tell him “it’s okay”.

How did PC Santa respond to the scene, he said “awww, don’t cry. It’s okay.”  Check it out for yourself:

According to a Facebook post by the mother she wrote:

My poor baby. This was the first year Michael was excited to go see Santa. It was supposed to be magical but instead I had to watch my sweet little boy fight back tears because Santa told him No because of his own personal beliefs. I had to think fast and explain to him that this Santa was just a helper and not the real guy. I just wanted to console my baby and get him out of there, flipping out on Santa would have only made it worse. His Elfie is going to bring him a Nerf gun directly from the North Pole, from the real Santa, tonight.

The Mall issued an apology for the behavior of PC Santa and asked Santa to come down from the North Pole to deliver a Nerf Gun to the boy:

How many other things in life with the Leftist ruin?  The answer is how many things are left to destroy or ruin.

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