A growing number of parents and school leaders across Michigan are fuming. They are joining the ranks of the group “Let Them Play”.  The group recently incorporated. The mission is to get Governor Gretchen Whitmer to remove her restrictions on contact sports in Michigan schools.  One of the Governors' most recent and unpopular orders extended a ban on those sports through February 21st.

The group has organized several protest rallies outside the State Capitol building. Another is planned for this Saturday. By all accounts, it will be the largest so far. Parents, student-athletes, coaches, school administrators, teachers, even cheerleaders are planning to join together in the protest. And yes, competitive cheerleading is considered a contact sport and is among those restricted by Governor Whitmer’s virus restrictions.

Along with the rally this weekend, the group is turning up the heat. Attorney Peter Ruddell is being retained by the group to prepare for a legal battle.  But first, the group is sending a letter to Michigan’s new Health and Human Services Department Director asking for what leaders say is common sense help.

The letter reads in part, “We urge you to quickly issue a new Emergency Health Order allowing all sports to begin practice and competition no later than February 1, 2021. “Data and Science Supports Resumption of Youth Sports”  compiled by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (“MDHHS”) concerning the spread of COVID-19 through youth athletics overwhelmingly confirms that it is safe to provide the student-athletes an opportunity to play.”

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Let Them Play leaders hoped there would be an immediate response. No such luck. So now the legal action may begin.

WJRT-TV reports a school Superintendent near the Flint area is beyond critical of the state restrictions. The station reports Bridgeport-Spaulding Community Schools Superintendent Mark Whelton as saying, “It’s embarrassing. It’s unfortunate and embarrassing. ” Superintendent Whelton tells the station his student-athletes are devastated. Some to the point of tears.

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