The Democrat’s and by Democrat’s I mean almost all of the media, are calling for a Special Prosecutor for the alleged President Trump/Russian collusion story that is being pushed by them.

I say ok how about a deal, if you want a Special Prosecutor for the Russian story then we should also include a Special Prosecutor for the IRS under President Obama going after his political enemies.  Let us also add a Special Prosecutor for the Benghazi affair.

Now that sounds like a fair and workable deal, does it not?

The Democratic Party believe that a Special Prosecutor is needed in the President Trump/Russian story because they do not trust that the FBI can perform a proper investigation due to the fact that the FBI would be blocked somehow by President Trump or his appointees.

Ok, if you believe that then you should also agree that a proper investigation into the IRS going after President Obama’s attack against his political opponents also could have been blocked by President Obama appointees.

The same goes for the investigation into the Benghazi affair.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander, right!

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