Talk Radio Fans know there haven’t been many left-leaning hosts who have been successful.  The world lost one of first and best known liberal talk hosts today.

Alan Colmes died after an undisclosed brief illness.  He was 66.

We got this e-mail from Fox News:


It is with great sadness that we inform you that our colleague and friend, Alan Colmes, has passed away from a short illness.  Alan was a unique and talented broadcaster, and we will all miss him very much.

Long time Rush Limbaugh listeners remember his show from the early 1990s.  Under the “Fairness Doctrine”, Limbaugh stations had to present an opposing view of equal time.  WKMI in Kalamazoo was one of those stations.   Rush was on from noon to 3pm, and Alan Colmes followed from 3pm-6pm.    When the government deregulated broadcasting and eliminated the “Fairness Doctrine”, only the top rated shows remained on most talk stations.  But Colmes was hired by Fox News, and began a long association with Sean Hannity and the Fox TV network.  He also had an evening radio show for the past several years.


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