Beautiful, very nice, prescious woman marched on D.C. with their Love Trump's Hate signs when in reality most seemed to be filled with extreme hate and nastiness.  The language they used from calling for murder of the people in the White House to extremely graphic sexual language all in front of children, was insightful.  I feel bad for the children of many of these woman.

Not only did many of these beautiful, very nice, precious woman who marched on D.C. embarrass themselves, their children and the nation but they left their trash heaps for someone else to clean up.

Very interesting and insightful, who were they expecting too clean up their mess, the adults?

Just like President Trump is expected to clean up the mess left by the Obama administration.

What have I been saying for years it is the party of adults and a party of teenagers.

The signs had to be picked up by someone and for even more filthier pictures of what was left by theses liberal woman you must please click on the link for an article from the Gateway Pundit.

By the way when the T.E.A. party had marches or events they left the place cleaner then it was when they showed up, including the two events I held years ago.  As I say once again "party of adults and party of teenagers" which one do you belong to?

Wriiten by Renk

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