Will Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley run for Governor of Michigan in 2018 or not?  That is the question that we might just been given a signal that the answer is yes.

Lieutenant Governor Calley has just released a new $500,000 online campaign style ad paid for by his PAC (Political Action Committee).  The ad informs the viewer of all the accomplishments under Governor Snyder and his administration, such as:

  • The right-to-work law
  • 2011 tax code changes, including replacement of the unpopular Michigan Business Tax
  • Balanced state budgets

There are rumors that Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette and state Senator Patrick Colbeck are considering running for Governor for the Republican Party to be their party's next candidate.

For the Democratic Party former state Senate Majority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, former Xerox executive Bill Cobbs and former Detroit Health Department Director Abdul El-Sayed have announced they are running for the Democratic nomination to be their party's next candidate. Also Congressmen Dan Kildee of Flint Township is considering a run for their party's candidate.

The question I have for you is will the Flint water crisis be an anchor around Lieutenant Governor Calley’s neck?

If so is it fair to the Lieutenant Governor that he bear the same responsibility as Governor Snyder concerning the Flint water crisis issue?

I guess you can fairly state that if you are going to claim responsibility for the good things that happened under Governor Snyder’s administration should you not also share blame for the bad things.

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