The U.S. House of Representatives voted 252-175 in favor of a politically chosen and Democrat-controlled commission to what they say will be an investigation into the January 6th riot at the Capital.  All 217 of the Democrats voted for it and 35 Republicans joined them.

This would be the 5th taxpayer-paid “investigation” into what occurred on January 6th, apparently, these 252 politicians believe we are flush with so much money that they have no problem spending other people’s money for a 5th investigation.

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The current investigations are:

  • Department of Justice
  • 2 in Senate Committees
  • Architect of the Capitol given $10 million for a full review of the capital for ways to further secure it

A valuable piece of information is the appointment of the Chair of the “investigation” goes to Schumer and Pelosi.  The Schumer and Pelosi Chair will then in turn appoint the staff of that committee which in turn will make all the staff Democrats.

Many Republican lawmakers, including House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, have argued that any Jan. 6th commission should also investigate violence associated with last summer's Black Lives Matter/Antifa protests.

I agree that the domestic terrorism committed by Biden/Democrat supporters like Black Lives Matter and Antifa should be part of that commission or a second commission should be created and the chair should be appointed by McCarthy and McConnell.

Here are the 35 House Republicans who voted to create the Jan. 6th commission:

  1. Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer
  2. Michigan Rep. Fred Upton
  3. Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon
  4. Oregon Rep. Cliff Bentz
  5. Oklahoma Rep. Stephanie Bice
  6. Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney
  7. Utah Rep. John Curtis
  8. Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis
  9. Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
  10. Nebraska Rep. Jeff Fortenberry
  11. New York Rep. Andrew Garbarino
  12. Florida Rep. Carlos Gimenez
  13. Texas Rep. Tony Gonzalez
  14. Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez
  15. Mississippi Rep. Michael Guest
  16. Washington Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler
  17. Arkansas Rep. French Hill
  18. Illinois Rep. Trey Hollingsworth
  19. New York Rep. Chris Jacobs
  20. South Dakota Rep. Dusty Johnson
  21. Ohio Rep. David Joyce
  22. New York Rep. John Katko
  23. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger
  24. West Virginia Rep. David McKinley
  25. Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks
  26. Utah Rep. Blake Moore
  27. Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse
  28. New York Rep. Tom Reed
  29. South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice
  30. Florida Rep. Maria Salazar
  31. Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson
  32. New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith
  33. Texas Rep. Van Taylor
  34. California Rep. David Valadao
  35. Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack

I ask a few simple questions of these 35.

Where is your outrage at the Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s destruction of our cities?

Where is your outrage at the Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s beating and killing innocent people?

Where are you calling for a 9/11 style commission to investigate their Domestic terrorist acts?

Do their destructions of people's businesses and homes not rate high on your concern list since it is not your businesses and homes?

Does their insurrectionist rioting, looting, harming and killing of innocent people not rate high on your list of concern since it is not your “House” or people you know?

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