Townsquare Media of Southwest Michigan is proud to announce that it’s the official, exclusive home for the Detroit Lions 2015-16 regular season radio broadcast across southwest Michigan.

Cheer on Michigan’s NFL team while listening to 95.3 WBCK News Talk out of Battle Creek and 107.7 WRKR The Rocker in Kalamazoo.

“This is Matthew Stafford’s second year with Caldwell, and if Calvin Johnson can stay healthy and get some help from Tate and Bell, there is potential for our offense to make solid strides,” said Kate Conley, Market President and Chief Revenue Officer for Townsquare Media of Southwest Michigan.

“We’ll need the defensive line to adjust to this year’s changes and do their job as well, but I think it’s a great time to pick up the broadcast and listen to the Lions grow. You’ll be able to hear the game no matter where you are in southwest Michigan on our Townsquare radio stations,” Conley added.

WBCK has carried the Lions games for decades, and WRKR is picking up the games for the first time since the ‘90s.

While Townsquare Media will be hosting the games for on air radio broadcast, per the Lions’ contract, the Lions do not allow their games to be streamed online.

The Lions’ first regular game is Sunday, Sept. 13. Tune into 107.7 WRKR or 95.3 WBCK and enjoy the game!

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images
Matt Hazlett/Getty Images


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