Many more people are coming to the realization of how much our school children suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic by needless school policies.  Many schools and their politicians used this pandemic to advance their own gains from power to unbelievable amounts of money they asked for and were showered with.

The World Economic Forum wrote, “The global education crisis is even worse than we thought. Here's what needs to happen”.


Pew Trusts wrote: “COVID Harmed Kids’ Mental Health—And Schools Are Feeling It”.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) wrote: “Adverse consequences of school closures”.

There is quite a bit more but I will stop there because I know most people who come out of their ideological bunker see how harmful their policies  and the teachers’ unions actually really harmed children. It is nice to see that according to reporting by the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site that a Grand Ledge Public Schools Board of Education member has apologized for his part in harming our children.

At a February 17th school board meeting, Ben Cwayna apologized for the district's Covid-19 policies that “closed classrooms and provided online-only instruction during most the 2020-21 school year”.  The article stated:

He said he also felt the school board had not served parents well over the last two years and admitted to removing his own son from the district because he did not like what was happening.

This is the same school district in which a special education teacher in the district, Julie Boruta called the parents white supremacists and “Q talking point supporters” on her Facebook page.  This, what appears to be an unstable person wrote:

Grand Ledge teachers, parents, and generally ANYONE that cares for how our district moves forward…An EMBARRASSING board meeting last night, where our (now hopefully if he wants to come here) soon to be superintendent was SUPPOSED to have his contract ratified, was shut down by Q talking point supporters. It’s SO DISGUSTING. This is white supremacy RIGHT HERE in GL. We MUST be louder than them!

She made up most of what she wrote.

This woman is still employed by the Grand Ledge school district and is actually allowed to be around children! She should have a restraining order against her not allowing her to come within 500 yards of a child, possibly including her own.

Mr. Cwayna also said that “he does not believe allegations levied by some school officials that parents are racists or insurrectionists because they shared concerns at a June 14, 2021, board meeting about the district’s decision to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion programs”.

One parent who ultimately withdrew her child from such harmful teachers and environment in Grand Ledge schools, Amber Redman, said she was grateful that Mr. Cwayna is:

clearing up the wrongful image painted of many valuable members in the community. I felt his apology was courageous, and was a step in the right direction for healing a very fractured Grand Ledge community.

I hope more school board members see the error of their ways, decisions and policies and apologize as Ben Cwayna did.   Please let me know if they do in your school district.  I would like to point out that good news.

When you apologize you acknowledge your wrongdoing and that can lead to a better understanding of what you have done and hopefully improve your behavior in the future.

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