Seeing little mom and pop produce stands alongside west Michigan roads are one of my favorite parts of the summer growing season. Once those roadside stands start to pop up you know summer has truly arrived!

In west Michigan you'll see everything from peaches, flowers, cage free eggs, to ears of corn for sale at these little roadside stands-- most of which operate on the honor system. These unmanned stands harken back to an era of simpler times. It's a scientific fact that we all know to be true: veggies from a little roadside stand simply taste better! 

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Though many of us Michiganders have our favorite roadside veggie stands that we stop by every year, it's always fun to discover a new one. Sometimes mere miles make all the difference; a produce stand a couple miles up the same road may have entirely different offerings than the one you just came from.

Whether you're looking for specific produce item for sale or you're new to the area, the best place to start poking around to find out where the best roadside stands is on Facebook.

The group Produce and Food in Allegan County just made food sharing a whole lot easier! According to the group's description everything from roadside produce stands, farm fresh eggs, baked goods, and even panty clean-outs are up for grabs.

This online produce-sharing group has saved me from aimlessly driving around the back roads of Allegan looking for whatever roadside stands I happen to come upon. This way I can no only get a good idea of what each stand offers, but their prices too.

It's like the old tradition of roadside produce stands meets the technology of the 21st century. Do you think there's also an app for this?!

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