The Coast Guard reported yesterday evening that a Mackinac Island ferry belonging to the Star Line Ferry name the Huron lost its steering at approximately 6 p.m. last evening.  The Ferry was drifting slowly with the current but was in no danger of grounding, according to the Coast Guard.

Local channel 9 and 10 news reported that there were 144 passengers and 4 crew members on board.  All 144 passengers were transferred to the Arnold Line freight vessel, The Senator.  The 4 crew members remained on board to help with the coast guard towing the Huron to safety.  The Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay was dispatched to tow the Huron to safety.

U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Tyler Carslgaard of Sector Sault Ste. Marie stated:

Tonight’s incident can serve as a reminder that life on the Great Lakes is far from predictable…Fortunately good cooperation and simple precautions like making sure everyone on board was wearing a life jacket helped everyone get home safely.

Veronica Dobrowolski, CEO and Co-owner of Arnold Freight Company said:

It’s just all about when an emergency situation comes up. We are all out to help each other out and we’re here to assist. And it is satisfying to know that all the training that everyone does in the marine industry, you know. It just makes everyone’s job easier. And it’s, we’re proud that we were able to help

Glad all got home safe.  Did they get a refund for the trip?

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