Here's something you don't hear about every day, a fire on Mackinac Island destroyed a home in the overnight hours on March 15.

I can't even imagine owning a home or even renting it out and then losing it to a blazing fire.

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The home was located on the island's East Bluff, according to Mackinac Island Fire Chief Jason St. Onge, who said on Facebook that an orange glow could be seen from more than a half mile away after firefighters were alerted to the blaze at 3:13 a.m. Tuesday. A Grand Hotel security guard reported seeing a fire in the vicinity of Fort Mackinac.

At this point according to officials, they're not sure how the fire started and it doesn't appear to be suspicious.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

The home is a total loss and there was little to salvage. Belonga Excavating was called in to help scoop up the wreck with an excavator so further extinguishment could take place. The occupants were out of town and there were no injuries.

The good news here is that no one was injured from this devastating fire and no other surrounding homes were affected on Mackinac Island.

The home that was destroyed by this fire was built a very long time ago, back in 1900. It is a total loss and I'm sure the owners are very torn up about it.

Here's more from the Detroit Free Press:

Dr. Steven Ledtke and Kathryn purchased a quarter of a century ago the home built in 1900. He has rotated through the Mackinac Island Medical Center as part of his family practice residency during the busy summer months. "But our favorite was coming in the winter, when we had time with each other," said Kathryn Ledtke, a registered nurse.

In general, no one likes to hear about anyone losing their home to fire. We wish the best for Dr. Steven Ledtke, Kathryn and their entire family.

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