As the hotels on Mackinac Island resume operations, they are now offering great deals on hotels for travelers.

Mackinac Island is ready to welcome back guests and is celebrating with deals on rooms. With the season now open, travelers and guests can get up to 25% off their hotel stay during the month of June.

Today, (June 12th,) the Bicycle Street Inn & Suites and Waterfront Collection reopened to the public. If you are looking to save a little money and get away this month, you can take advantage of an online coupon to receive a discount on your stay right now. The June specials are as follows:

  • Save 10% on any preferred rate during weekends with the online coupon.
  • Save 25% on any preferred rats during midweek dates in June.

The best part about the June promotion is that the discounted rates apply to all of the room types on the properties. Large suites that sleep up to six people, waterfront rooms, rooms with balconies, and more are all eligible for the discount.

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When you book a room during the June promotion, you will also get some perks with your reservation. You'll receive a continental breakfast, roundtrip ferry discounts, free baggage handling, indoor bike storage, and more.

There is no better time than right now to plan a getaway. Having just taken a small vacation myself, trust me when I tell you, getting off the grid for a couple of days did wonders for my mind and body. No social media drama. No stress. It is what we all need right now.

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