Experts now estimate 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism. For many of those children and their parents, finding a system of learning in which they thrive can be challenging.

That was the case for John and Linda Koziarsky, who's son Evan is among those who received that diagnosis. When autism affected Evan's success in school, specifically, his ability to learn via traditional approaches, they went searching for another option.

As Linda Koziarsky tells The Richard Piet Show, she and John moved their family to Texas in order to avail themselves of the "Integrated Learning Approach" curriculum, which is tailored to students with autism or other similar diagnoses.

At that time, the Texas curriculum was only available through private schools - and came with a significant tuition cost. Realizing that this could be a struggle for some families, Linda Koziarsky set out on a mission to make access to the Integrated Learning Approach easier.

Today, the Marshall Academy is the only public school offering the curriculum (Marshall Academy is a charter school) in the country, alongside a traditional curricula. Hear Linda - along with the Marshall Academy Headmaster Brent Swan - discuss the ILP and its implementation. Click the player below for the full interview.

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