The building in Marshall that was home to the last Kmart store in Michigan has a new owner who plans to bring more businesses to the city.

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Michigan was once home to Kmart's headquarters. But on November 21, 2021, the last store in the entire state permanently shuttered its doors, ending more than a half-century of history in the Mitten state. The announcement came not long before in September 2021. 

The closure left a big void for Marshall residents. For those hoping to see something new come to the area, there is some great news. Another retail outlet is planned at the site but it hasn’t been named yet, according to Detroit News.

B. Riley Real Estate, an affiliate of Los Angeles-based B. Riley Financial, has purchased the over 86,000 square-foot building located at 15861 West Michigan Avenue in the Marshall Shopping Plaza.

The developer says it plans to work with the city to redevelop the space to bring in a mix of national retail tenants.

Detroit News points out the site's close proximity to the 1,600-acre site known as the Marshall Megasite. The mega-site is been a topic of discussion in recent years. There are intentions to further develop it in hopes of drawing in industrial development that would bring more jobs to the area.

As for Kmart, it's a sad state of affairs. The once prosperous brand that had 134 stores in Michigan alone, has dwindled to only 6 stores for all of the continental United States. Of those locations, two are expected to permanently close by March 2022.

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