As I been stating for quite a while now, a great economy helps all.  Now we have another example of how President Trump and the Republicans economy is helping a city right here in Michigan.

The Battle Creek Enquirer is reporting some great and I mean great news for the city of Marshall Michigan.  That news is that the downtown area of Marshall has reached a 96% occupancy rate in their buildings.

The CEO of the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance, Scott Fleming was quoted in that article stating:

When I first came in here, I think we had over 13% vacancies…We’ve been doing a campaign of letting people know how Marshall has a lot of amenities, activities going on…We’ve been doing a blitz on social media to attract companies coming in, and we’ve been sending information through emails and videos and other media of the downtown, and that’s been helping people come here as they try to catch the wave of all the good that’s coming downtown.

For the naysayers of President Trump and the Republicans I want to make clear that I am not saying that all of the success in Marshall is due to the President Trump and Republicans economy, but you must admit it is certainly helping them to achieve such great success.

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