An investigation is underway following the alleged discovery of inappropriate messages being sent between a staff member at Marshall Middle School and a student who attends classes there. The situation was explained in a letter that was sent out on Sunday, December 5, by Becky Jones, Interim Superintendent of Marshall Public Schools.

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According to the letter, the staff member accused is not a teacher at the school, but the position they are employed with was not disclosed as well as any information to identify that person. It was said that the staff member was immediately placed on administrative leave when the alleged communications were discovered just before the end of the school day on Wednesday, December 1.

The school reports that evidence of messages between the staff member and the student were found on a student monitoring software program. After officials at the school looked into it further, they reportedly discovered more conversations of the same nature between the staff member and the student on both school and personal accounts.


Following the additional discovery, the school turned over all of the information to local law enforcement, who are also now investigating the case. No other details related to the investigation have been released.

Marshall Public Schools says that the parents of the student were notified immediately after their findings came to light.

No information about the age, gender, of either the student or the staff member, has been released at this time. The district says they are having open and transparent communications with local authorities and the parents regarding the case.

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