An area Navy Veteran's home was condemned and members of the community are raising funds to make the necessary repairs.

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A fundraiser has been started to help repair the home of 79-year-old Jenna, a Navy Veteran whose home has been condemned. The efforts began after the owners of Broadway Grille, Scott and Geraldine Ladd, in Marshall talked with one of their longtime customers, Jenna.

Jenna asked for recommendations of a plumber to have some pipes repaired which had frozen during the night. Scott and Geraldine learned that in addition to the frozen pipes, the 79-year-old veteran had been without heat and it was on one of the coldest nights of the year.

Scott decided to go take a crack for himself only to discover that the tiny home that looked decent from the outside was in major disrepair on the inside. The ceiling of the home is caving in, there is no heat, and the plumbing for the home needs to be replaced.

Despite his best intentions, it was clear the home was beyond any quick fix Scott could provide and they put out a call for help. The goal is to not only make the home liveable again but to make it comfortable and inviting for the Marshall native.

In the days since that initial visit, the home was condemned. The Ladds are working with the Battle Creek Area Habitat for Humanity and many other organizations and volunteers to assist in building her a new home.

They are hoping that grants in addition to funds raised through the fundraising page and generous donations of supplies and time will be enough to cover costs for demolition, construction, plumbers, electricians as well as rent expenses to house her and her pets during this transition.

The Ladds describe Jenna as someone shy, with a kind attitude, someone who seems grateful for so little and never complains. If you would like to help, click here for the fundraising page for Jenna.

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