It was hot, but the kids were having a great time and Marshall's Old-Fashioned 4th of July at the Brooks Memorial Fountain was another great day.   The kids, dogs parents and grandparents marched around the circle, with bikes and wagons decorated for America's Independence Day.  And candidates for public office were around too.

After the parade, the Marshall Rotary Band played a concert of patriotic songs, featuring a male vocal quartet.   The band is one of the better community bands in the area, and showed why.  Former Marshall Band director Dave Conklin was back to conduct and was featured on trumpet.

Grilled chicken dinners were sold too, and they were delicious.

The band setup was different this year, making it difficult for more than half the crowd to hear and see, and the heat may have kept a few people away.  And it looked like the city had done some tree trimming since last July, which meant less shade.   The city's PA system started blaring during the band performance, and it took more than a half hour for someone to figure out how to turn it off.   But it was still a great time, and as you can see in the video and this photo gallery, the kids were having fun and they really went all out decorating and dressing for the occasion.

Marshall's 2018 4th of July Parade


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