A new bill was presented to legislation that would allow for private and public zoos in Michigan to allow the breeding of large carnivores. If the bill passes, one day you could go to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek and see snow leopard, cheetah, and lion cubs growing and playing in their exhibits.

Freep reports that House Bill 5778, would amend the Large Carnivore Act of 2000, that currently bans zoos in Michigan from breeding large carnivores. Binder Park's manager of marketing and development, Leslie Walsh, discussed the importance of maintaining endangered species:

We are hopeful that our lawmakers in Lansing will pass House Bill 5778 into law, so zoos in Michigan can work together to preserve endangered species and large carnivores. It paves the way for us to participate in breeding programs for the large carnivores that we have in our zoo. There would be baby cheetahs, potentially, lions and snow leopards for our guests to see. People love to see baby animals. It would have a positive impact economically for our zoo and for Battle Creek.

For those of you who would like to see this happen, Binder Park Zoo encourages you to contact your local representatives in support of the bill.



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