Check out the photos of the tiny house that you can stay in as the unofficial Mayor of Hell, Michigan.

Up to 2 guests can stay in this 1 bedroom, 1 private bath tiny home in Hell, Michigan according to the Airbnb listing,

I’m John, the self-proclaimed mayor of Hell, Michigan, and I’m excited to welcome you to my little slice of “paradise,” where you’ll lord over the ghouls and goblins that call this haunted inferno home.

Hell is a place for all ages.  From little baby demons to sinner citizens.  I do have some bad news.  If you wanted your own little piece of hell this October, you're too late.  This captivating cut of voluntary damnation is so hot that it's already completely booked.  In fact, the interior of this place is on fire.  Check out some of the pictures from Airbnb below.

Tiny House in Hell

Apparently, it's always a good time in Hell.  For example, 29 Michigan couples got married in hell for Leap year earlier this year, Feb 29th.

If you're one of the lucky people enjoying this vile villa this month please share pictures and or videos of your stay with us.

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