McCamly Plaza 2019-Photo by Annie Kelley
McCamly Plaza 2019-Photo by Annie Kelley

The 15 floor Stouffer Battle Creek Hotel opened on November 23rd, 1981 with 248 rooms and 15 luxury suites, a 600 seat ballroom, two restaurants and an indoor pool. It was renamed the McCamly Plaza Hotel in the 1990's.   A month later, three days  before Christmas, the Kellogg Center opened to the public with 11 days of free skating sessions.

Five years later, in 1986, the McCamly Place shopping mall, and a parking structure was also added.  That same year, the Kellogg Company Headquarters was built just across McCamly Street.

The downtown complex was spearheaded by Bob Miller, Sr.  In 1979, Miller retired as editor and publisher of the Enquirer and News.  His belief in the need for a strong downtown led him to form the McCamly Square Corp. in 1979 and invest $2 million of his personal money into building a hotel-atrium-arena complex.

There's a great Kellogg Center Arena timeline at Battle Creek live, that shows some events you might remember.



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