For the second time this week, a Calhoun County municipality has approved ordinances that allow for medical marijuana businesses to set up shop.

At their meeting Thursday, the Bedford Township Board of Trustees passed unanimously the two ordinances, which allow medical marijuana dispensaries, growers, processors, testers and transporters to operate in the township. They are required to follow a detailed list of regulations, including staying 500 feet from schools and churches, and implementing a rigorous anti-odor policy.

There would also be an upper cap on how many medical pot businesses could open; it varies among business types, but ranges from 5 safety testers, to 10 dispensaries and 25 growing operations.

Bedford Township Supervisor Adam Heikkila tells 95.3 WBCK that while "in all reality" the versions that passed would not be what he would have done in a perfect world, he says that he wanted to work to get what was in front of the board passed.

Before any business could open, trustees noted that there still is work to be done regarding forms and fees. Trustee Sally Shaw said that she was currently working on a draft of a potential form, that entrepreneurs would need to fill out to start their business.

This vote took place just two days after the City of Battle Creek voted to allow all five types of marijuana business. 

To read the full languages of the ordinances, click here and here.

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