Bills introduced in the Michigan Senate would further crack down on doctors who perform certain late-term abortion procedures.

Senate Bills 0229 and 0230, sponsored by Republicans Tom Barrett and Kimberly LaSata, would add a procedure called in the bill “dismemberment abortion” to a current statute that prohibits so-called “partial-birth abortions”. Neither of these terms are used in the medical field, as they are called Dilation and Evacuation and Intact Dilation and Extraction procedures respectively. A Los Angeles Times story from 2007 cited an OB/GYN who said the two procedures are distinct, but the line can often be blurred depending on which course the medical provider needs to take.

Both procedures are typically performed after 20 weeks of gestation, and are uncommon.

If a doctor or anyone else performs either of these procedures under these bills, they would be subject to a two year felony charge. If passed, the bills would allow for the procedure to take place if it is determined necessary to save the life of the mother. They also would not outlaw procedures that use only suction to break up the fetus.

These bills have over a dozen co-sponsors, including local Senator Dr. John Bizon from Battle Creek.

They have moved through the committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, and were referred to the Committee of the Whole as of May 14.

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