Have you seen the Big Banana Car?

59-year-old Steve Braithwaite of Adrian, Mich. has been tooling around the county in the 15-foot fruit, offering pay-what-you-can rides on what he calls the “The World Needs More Whimsy Grand Tour", The Washington Post reports.

Recently, Braithwaite was pulled over by a Michigan State Trooper on U.S. 223 near Ottawa Lake, just outside of Adrian. He shared what happened on Facebook:

The Big Banana Car is once again on the move.
On a freezing cold Sunday morning at 7:30 am I left Michigan heading for Victoria Texas. I hadn't gone 15 miles before I spotted a state trooper at the side of the road. As soon as I passed he started moving and quickly pulled up behind me and hit the disco lights.
We had a nice chat as he checked my headlights, brakelights and indicators.
He then asked for my driving licence.
He must have read the board at the back of the banana car because when he returned and handed my licence back he had wrapped a $20 bill around it wishing me safe travels.

According to a Michigan State Police Facebook Post, Bill Strouse is that trooper, who is just a few weeks away from retirement. Strouse told WZZM-13,

"The big banana checked out just fine, I noticed the sign on the back of his banana and it said he was raising money and driving across America. That seemed like a very fun and noble thing to do. So, I pulled out my wallet and thought I would contribute."

Before moving to Adrian, Braithwaite and his big yellow ride spent time in the Kalamazoo area. Check out the video above to hear Braithwaite talking about turning a pick-up truck into the Big Banana Car.

You can find more of Braithwaite's story, including the children's book he's writing, here.

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