There is apparently a problem with Michigan government officials breaking the no trespassing laws here in Michigan.

As reported in an article published in the Michigan Capitol Confidential newspaper a citizen of Cannon Township in suburban Grand Rapids posted a no trespassing sign on his property to keep strangers off, well that did not work.

Who could care less that there was a no trespassing sign, well city officials of course.  He found a picture of his backyard on his townships website, taken by tax assessors.

He is quoted in the article saying “these pictures are on the township website, along with pictures of the front and back of everyone’s houses, available for public viewing, possibly a privacy concern, or maybe of use to criminals.”

The pictures he speaks of show parts of the property that cannot be seen from the street or in images on Google or real estate websites.

Does this trouble you?

Well apparently it does not trouble township assessor Matthew Frain.

According to the article township assessor Matthew Frain apparently does not have a problem with the pictures.  He agreed the state does not require local governments to post these illegally acquired photos on the Internet, and also could not or would not explain what public purpose is served by posting them.

Well he might have some explaining to do.

Township assessor Matthew Frain might have a problem with the township attorney’s take on said ill-begotten photos.  The township attorney stated that assessors have no legal or statutory authority to enter private property.

This is just another small sign of the idea of big government and their ability to trample the laws of our country.  It is not a big one but it does show me the mindset of some of our bureaucrats.

Do you think anyone will face any type of punishment?

Don’t hold your breath.

Should these townships and tax assessors be charged with a crime?

Could these pictures be used by criminals to plot their next heist?

What are your thoughts and concerns?

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