Say what you will about our ‘Stay-at-Home’ order, but Michigan is currently only one of three states in the US that is "on track" to contain the spread of COVID-19, a national tracking website claims, according to MLive.
The stat of us becoming one of three states comes from which is a national tracking website that calls itself “America’s COVID warning system.”
As MLive reports, at our height in April, we were averaging more than 1,600 new, positive cases of coronavirus, a day. Most recently we were down to down to 159 new cases for a 7-day average.
A huge change from when Michigan, more specifically Detroit, was considered one of the “epicenters” for the coronavirus pandemic. As you remember, Michigan was with New York and New Jersey for being the top states with COVID-19 cases.
As Emily Martin, an epidemiologist from the University of Michigan told MLive,
“I think we’ve done a great job in Michigan” of driving down coronavirus numbers. We really look like we’re in a strong position, and we’re continuing to see decreases (in cases and deaths), which is really phenomenal.”
Our numbers decreasing is promising news as a number of states are seeing some of their highest numbers of new cases yet. While some officials say more testing is why we see the increase in cases in those states, that’s not entirely true since Michigan has also stepped up it’s testing capabilities, and our numbers are still declining.
The MLive story says that our numbers going down is attributed to our government waiting to reopen our economy a couple more weeks past the other states. It’s also a hopeful sign that we will continue our reopening, while some states might be looking at going back into a lockdown.
BTW, this doesn't mean crowd up on people and don't wear a mask.  It means that with the lockdown, we've contained the spread, now we all need to practice social distancing and wearing face masks when you can, to continue to help others from getting sick.


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