Is it time for Michigan to allow “no-reason” absentee voting?

Well according to an article on, Michigan’s Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, is once again backing new legislation that would allow any Michigan voter to qualify for an absentee ballot for not reason instead of having to visit a precinct on Election Day.

Sound like a good idea to you?

Could this allow for increased fraud in our election process?

The new legislation is House Bill 4724, the "no-reason" absentee ballot introduced this week by Rep. Lisa Lyons, R-Alto.

Michigan’s Secretary of State was quoted in the article saying "Thanks to our long-held commitment to protecting the security and integrity of elections, Michigan is now ready to offer this option to accommodate Michigan's hardworking families' busy schedules," and "I look forward to working with lawmakers to see this signed into law."

The legislation, would “allow voters to apply and receive an absentee ballot from their local city or township clerk after showing identification, which is also required for in-person voting.”

Michigan’s current law requires voters to provide an excuse if they want to vote absentee but if you are over 60 years old you can automatically qualify.

The only con I could see is voter fraud.  That is something we cannot take lightly.

Do you see any other concerns allowing no-reason absentee voting?

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