It was nice to see a very accomplished and well know Democrat law professor agree with me, it vindicates my thought and what I wrote.  Last week I published a piece titled “AG Dana Nessel Proves She Is Politically Motivated In Her Last Press Release”.  

In that piece, I pointed to a statement she made about a woman named Marlena Pavlos-Hackney.  Marlena defied Governor Whitmer’s orders and once Nessel, who acts as though she is the personal attorney for Whitmer as opposed to the people of Michigan, caught wind of that she attacked with the full force of the law in Michigan. That statement was one of the most politically motivated and extrajudicial statements that will materially prejudice a proceeding against the woman Nessel was attacking, I have ever read.

Now I found a piece published by Professor Jonathan Turley.  As his bio states Jonathan is:

“A nationally recognized legal scholar who has written extensively in areas ranging from constitutional law to legal theory to tort law. He has written over three dozen academic articles that have appeared in a variety of leading law journals at Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern, University of Chicago, and other schools.”

He has been a working lawyer and Professor of Law at George Washington University Law school for decades.

When he saw the following statement from AG Nessel he had a few things to say about it.

“Marlena Pavlos-Hackney had countless opportunities to comply with even the most basic health and safety protocols to protect her community from the spread of Covid. She defied her local health department and the court at every turn, instead choosing to taunt health inspectors, law enforcement and the courts at every turn- going on Tucker Carlson and setting up a lucrative Go Fund Me account instead of making even the slightest effort to protect her customers, her workers and community. She is no martyr and no hero. One cannot repeat the mantra of “Law & Order” and support the activities of Ms Pavlos-Hackney. But if you cheered Donald Trump when he bragged about the many ways he avoided military service while others complied with their legal obligations, it’s no wonder you revere this woman. Making personal sacrifice for the greater good of our state and nation was once considered admirable. Not anymore.”

Professor Turley stated that her entire statement reads like a political screed rather than a prosecutorial statement.  Amen brother Turley.  He pointed out how unprofessional and bizarre her statement was.  He agreed with me that Nessel was the one who was actually pandering to her political base.

Professor Turley pointed to two reasons why he believed her statement was “unprofessional” and “bizarre’.  One was Nessel purposely going “out of her way to taunt Pavlos-Hackney and her supporters”.   The second was her use of her statement “to confirm raw political bias in striking out at Trump and his supporters”.

There is more to his piece titled “Michigan AG Nessel Unleashes Political Diatribe Against Defiant Restaurant Owner”.  I highly suggest you click on the hotlink and read it, it is not very long.

As I stated in the piece I wrote about this last week, she is obviously driven by political motivations and one big power trip.

Could this be grounds for her to be impeached from office?

I would say yes, I do not want a political activist as the Attorney General of any state let alone one that I live in.  I would not care what Party they are in they should be out.

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