Many of us have heard for 2 years now that a special prosecutor cannot be fired by the President.  Well if the President cannot fire a special prosecutor than certainly by that standard an Attorney General of any state cannot fire a special prosecutor, right?

Then why has the Democratic Party allowed Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel to fire a special prosecutor?

According to reporting in the Detroit News Dana Nessel has fired special prosecutor Todd Flood from the team leading criminal prosecutions in the Flint water crisis.  What does Mr. Flood know that Michigan’s AG does not want others to find out, or what might he discover during his investigation that Ms. Nessel does not want exposed.

The question I have for Ms. Nessel is what did the Attorney General know and when did she know it?

I used to believe that anyone can be fired by their superiors but we have now be told and taught that can no longer happen, right?  The Democrats have been preaching to us that special prosecutors cannot be fired and if they are fired a full-fledged investigation needs to be started to determine why that person was fired.  That being said we now must call for investigative hearings into why Michigan’s AG fired Mr. Flood and possibly another special prosecutor to be hired to look into the firing of the former special prosecutor.   Michigan’s Attorney General must be investigated, an investigation that must go into every part of her life, going back as far as when she was a teenager.

Again this is not my criteria but the criteria that has been set into place by the Democratic Party. You do not think that they would hold people in other political parties to standards they are not willing to be held to, do you?

Michigan Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud said yesterday:

Todd Flood is no longer a member of the Flint water crisis investigation ... It recently became clear that discovery was not fully and properly pursued from the onset of this investigation…The decision to terminate Mr. Flood’s contract reflects our ongoing commitment to execute the highest standards in the prosecution of the Flint water crisis.

“Our standards demand a full accounting of all evidence that may inform the People’s investigation. The nature of Mr. Flood’s prior involvement is not the focus of our team as we continue to pursue justice on behalf of the people of Flint and the State of Michigan. We appreciate Mr. Flood’s contributions as we fully transitioned this case back to the People’s law firm – the Michigan AG’s Office.

The question you must be asking is why no one, as of this date, in the Democratic Party or the media calling for an investigation into Ms. Nessel?

Sounds like bias to me.

Should Ms. Nessel be removed from her office?

Once again I want to reiterate that these new standards that the Democratic Party has initiated are not ones that I believe should be followed.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

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