I must first make the point that a private business can have some rules in reason to not allow people into their establishments.  Why they would want to refuse people from spending money at their businesses is their own business.

The Marble Bar in Detroit wrote the following on the Facebook page:

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Beginning July 30 // Regrettably, due to the emergence and spread of the Delta variant Marble Bar will begin requiring proof of vaccination OR a negative Covid test within 48 hours prior to admittance into the venue. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause; however the safety of our staff and patrons is paramount to us. 

They continued, stating how the new variant has proven to be problematic:


The Delta variant has proven to be more resilient against the vaccine and more transmissible in all environments. As an establishment aiming to bring people close together, we feel it is our duty to limit transmission and proliferation of Covid-19 in any way possible so that the party can continue. Proof of vaccination OR a negative Covid test may be presented at the door. Either physical proof or an image on your phone will be accepted. Your name must be visible and match the name on your State issued ID. Thanks for the understanding. -The Marble Bar”

Did you notice they want “Your name must be visible and match the name on your State issued ID”?

State ID, why isn’t Governor Whitmer, AG Dana Nessel, SOS Benson, the ACLU, the Michigan or National Democratic Party, BLM, Antifa and all of their media not condemning “The Marble Bar” for being racist because they are requiring a state-issued ID?

Would you go to a bar, restaurant or any other business that requires that you have proof of a government-approved chemical injected into your body?

They apparently have the legal right to require these injections and I believe that many would be happy to go to these businesses.  

What I want people to think about is where does this end?  What will be the next government-approved chemical Marble Bar or any other business require you to put in your body?  In the minds of many, this vaccine is okay to force upon people what if the next is not?

Everyone should stop and think rationally about the path this country is heading down.

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