Michigan Bass Season is opening. While you can catch-and-release on all waters all year. The official catch-and-keep on all waters including Great Lakes opens Saturday, May 23 - December 31st.

So what do I know about fishing? Well you can see that's a big bass -13 lbs. Side note, lunkers like that are much more common down on Lake El Salto, Mexico. And you'll see my trophy for almost 9-pounder in Florida in a tournament.

This may be a great weekend to catch one of the biggest bass of the season. With temps rising to the 80s big bass will be moving into the shallows. If you can find a cove on the North side of the lake that will be the warmest water for active fish. So let's say you get lucky and catch a five-pounder this weekend...and the rest of summer you keep coming back to that spot and no luck - why? Well in spring the big female bass - the one's over five pounds - move into the shallows to spawn. After that full moon in June, they move back to deeper water.

Here are some of my favorites lures for Spring Bass Fishing on lakes in Michigan. Don't think I'd even try on any rivers right now with all the rain.

#1 Spinnerbait - 1/4 oz to 3/8 oz is perfect. Colors - all White in clear water or White/Chartreuse is slightly stained water. Add a curly tail for more attraction. Throw around logs, Lilly pads and over weed beds. Bonus on using a Spinnerbait - Pike and Musky like it too. And on this bait their teeth are not likely to cut your line.

#2 Floating Minnow - Brands include Rapala and Rebel and this type of lure has caught several record fish around the world. Bigger the size the bigger the fish. 4 to 6 inch size is perfect for Michigan. Use this early in the day as the sun comes up.

#3 Plastic Worm - This could be #1 on the list, but I like the first two options to fish faster and locate fish. Good all around color is Red Shad and 6 inch is perfect. This is rigged Texas Style and will be weedless. Throw all around cover and work on edges of weed beds. Early season tactic is too swim this over structure.

#4 Rattle Trap - made by several companies. 1/4 to 1/2 oz size is perfect. You can cast out to schooling Bass or work more slowly over grass beds.

#5 Top Water Frog - it may finally be warm enough for Frogs to make an appearance and Bass will gobble these up. Use in shallow water and Lilly Pads.

#6 Tube Jig - if you've located Bass in shallow water in a cove. This a great early Spring bait. And is effective for spawning Bass. Cast out - let sink and twitch it back on retrieve.

#7 Jigs - 3 examples of Jigs in the picture. The first one will also catch Bluegill and Crappie. White curly tail more suited to Bass and an occasional Pike or if you use on the bottom could catch a Walleye. And finally, the pink one with a spinner is really good on Crappie. If all the other baits are failing you - go smaller and use a jig to catch more fish.

Equipment - a good 6 to 7 foot spinning rod in Medium to Medium Heavy action is perfect. And line size 8 to 12 lb test with mono or higher on braided lines.

Finally you should know the 13 pounder in Mexico and the almost 9 pound Bass caught in Florida were safely released back in the water. Bass that big need to reproduce. Good Luck this weekend!


Spring Bass in Michigan

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