We are all deluged with campaign literature every day and many people should be leery of what claims are made on them, but this candidates literature appears to have gone over the line.

Anuja Rajendra, an Ann Arbor businesswoman, was seeking election to Michigan’s 18th District Senate seat in 2018 as a Democrat.  The seat is currently held by fellow Democrat Sen. Rebekah Warren, who is term-limited. She ended up in 3rd place in the Democratic primary for this seat.

She called herself a political newcomer who wants to bring a fresh voice for progressive values to Lansing.  It appears she is a newcomer but is using tactics like she has been a politician for years, so much for a fresh approach.

Mlive is reporting that at least one occasion, she crossed the line when she falsely represented herself as the incumbent in her campaign literature.  This is a misdemeanor violation of Michigan’s election law, according to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office, which is now bringing a criminal charge against Rajendra.  With this charge and if found guilty she could face jail for up to 90 days.  Does she deserve jail for this, I would say no but some punishment must be handed out or the next person will go a step farther.

In that ad, Ms. Rajendra states:

As a mom of four and as your State Senator, I want my kids and all kids in Michigan to have the same opportunity for quality education and success.

In another ad she states:

As your State Senator, I'm steadfast in my commitment to ….

Believe it or not the American Civil Liberties Union is defending Ms. Rajendra, stating she never intended to convey that she was a sitting senator.

The legal director for the ACLU of Michigan, Michael Steinberg, was quoted in the article stating:

The ACLU has a serious problem with the government charging political candidates with crimes for political speech

The ACLU has let the cat out of the bag.  Really, lying to your potential constituents is considered “political speech” by the ACLU.

Interesting that they will consider lying as political and we can only assume free speech but they are not defending free speech on our campuses.  Show’s you where their true agenda is and it is not for the American people.

As I have always said be very leery of what is stated on any political campaign literature.  You never know what lies, falsehoods or “accidental” statements you will read.

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