Let's face it...Michiganders love their beer...and Michigan has produced some classic ones.

Who the heck made Milwaukee, Wisconsin some kind of 'beer capitol'? Michigan has those cheeseheads beaten easily.

These days, there are numerous beers in our state...too many to list. Craft beers, lagers, pilsners, ales, malt liquors, porter, stout, microbrews.....and many, many others.

But the gallery below shows you 50 vintage Michigan beers from the good ol' days of classic beer. These beers not only come from Detroit, but other great Michigan cities & towns like Port Huron, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Houghton, Hancock, Pontiac, Bay City, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Menominee, Frankenmuth, Flint, Manistee, Sebewaing, Huron County, and Saginaw.

Take a look...and tip a few.



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