There's something about the summertime that makes desserts just a little bit sweeter. Maybe it's a deserved treat after weathering some brutal heat all day.

Regardless, there are plenty of desserts to choose from and everyone's sweet tooth is satisfied a bit differently. But for my money, nothing is better than chocolate.

Whether it's candy or ice cream, cake or drizzled on a fitting snack, chocolate is king. But as any chocolate fiend like myself knows, there are levels to the quality of chocolate. Enjoying the best of the best is a bonus not to be taken lightly.

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Where is the Best Chocolate in Michigan?

USA Today recently announced the winners of the top 10 best chocolate shops in the country and one Michigan location made the cut.

Bon Bon Bon, based in Hamtramck, has a creative suite of delectable treats in seven locations across Southeast Michigan.

"In their handiwork, Bon Bon Bon’s confectioners — lovingly nicknamed "The Babes Babes Babes" — apply classic French techniques with Detroit ingenuity, along with local ingredients, to make these delectable," USA Today described. "Orders avoiding nuts or gluten, along with vegan options and a special Bon Of The Month, are all available."

Bon Bon Bon got started in the back of a Detroit Coney Island before venturing out and becoming a Motor City staple for excellent desserts.

Their menu features 23 everyday flavors with special flavors joining the mix throughout the year. The bons are tiny, but are handcrafted in Hamtramck using local ingredients and resources with ethically supplied chocolate from Ecuador.

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