Michigan has one of the largest legal weed industries in North America and it's growing at a rapid pace.

A 2022 jobs report that was recently released tells us that the legal cannabis industry is employing nearly half a million people in the United States.  This new report from Leafly points to a growth of 107,000 new jobs for the weed industry,

That’s a 33% increase in jobs in a single year. And it marks the fifth year in a row of annual job growth greater than 27%.  No other industry in America can match that.

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In regards to this monster job growth, Michigan is among the cream of the crop.  The legal cannabis industry employs 31,152 people in the mitten state.  The Detroit Metro Times really put that in perspective,

There are literally more people working in the weed industry than there are police and firefighters in the state — which makes sense, considering how there’s seemingly a new dispensary cropping up every week.

So, how does Michigan measure up against other legal weed states?

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Recreational marijuana sales in Michigan doubled in 2021.  Those numbers easily offset the 20% drop in medical marijuana sales according to MJBizDaily,

Much of Michigan’s growth has been driven by recreational sales. Monthly sales have doubled since January 2021, with December sales topping $135 million.

Due to the massive pot growth in Michigan, the inventory and variety has grown tremendously while prices have dropped.  Creating a win/win situation for customers and employees in the mitten state.

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