A Michigan children's hospital is sending out a call for help as they are low on some patient favorites.

Being hospitalized is no fun. Being hospitalized as a young child would be scary and incredibly difficult. The sterile environment would be far from the top of any child's wishlist of places to visit. But there is something you can do to help.

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Staff at the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital recently announced they were out of some of their most popular art supplies and toys. They are asking for those wishing to donate to visit their Amazon wish list and purchase items on it that will in turn be given to a child in the hospital. You can view the wish list and purchase an item by clicking here. Once you have purchased an item, it will automatically be shipped to the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

If you have questions about donating or would like to know of other ways to give, they ask that you call Spectrum Health Foundation at 616-391-2000.

A simple card game, markers, or stickers is all it sometimes takes to get a young patient's mind off of the monotony of life in the hospital.

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