It seems more and more of the Millennial and Gen Z populations buy into the idea of Zodiac Signs.

That's why it's little surprise that they come up so often on social media and the like. For instance, if you ever have the displeasure of making an online dating profile, odds are your Zodiac sign will be displayed whether you like it or not.

But is it just me, or are Zodiac signs getting more complex? Back in my day, you had one Zodiac Sign and that's all you needed.

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Say what you will, and maybe it's just pure coincidence, but sometimes Zodiac Signs can describe people fairly well. Though, I'll say as an Aries, it's not exactly perfect. I wouldn't say I'm particularly bold. Impatient and determined are fairly accurate though.

Nonetheless, there are folks out there who take this very seriously, especially in the crowd I associate with the most. Michigan has its fair share of people interested in the dark and macabre, and that crowd tends to have an interest in these sorts of things.

For those who take it seriously or just carry that budding interest, I'm sure the list below will help you determine a back-of-mind question: Where in Michigan should I live based on my Zodiac Sign?

I asked ChatGPT for some help, since I'm far from an expert in Zodiac Astrology - so you can direct your displeasures to our future AI overlords. Or accept that the stars ordained it to come to its decisions.

See Which Michigan City You Should Live in Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Look to the stars and see where you truly belong in Michigan.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

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